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I graduated with honours in BA in Communication Sciences from The Technological Institute of Higher Education of Monterrey. Additionally, I coursed an international semester in Regent’s University London.

I’m a two-time winner of the National Creative Writing Contest organized by the Technological of Monterrey and a two-time winner of the FemmeShorts Film Award for my work in screen playing. I also worked as the director of one of my scripts in the FemmeShorts initiative. The company produces short films to promote gender equality and fight against female violence. I presented my films in the 2013 Guadalajara’s International Film Festival.

A former human rights journalist, I later became the head of the creative department of the Technological of Monterrey library. There I worked as a community manager, content creator, media producer and illustrator.

Besides my freelance writing and illustration gigs, at the beginning of 2016 I started collaborating as a writer with the Spanish site of Matador Network.

Additional abilities

As a content creator, I posses skills in graphic design, photography and video editing. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of help for a project.


The DreamPacker Portfolio
Photo by Laura Morales


Here is a compilation of my writing work. If you want to see my illustration gallery, click here.

Published short stories

Alfonso Reyes National Creative Writing Contest |Lebanon short story

Spanish Original Edition

English Translation

Online contributions

Matador Network |9 Of the World’s Best Cities for Tacos

Buzzfeed |18 Amazing treats for tea lovers

Spanish Portfolio

Can you read Spanish? Awesome!  Feel free to check my journalistic work and my collaborations with Spanish Matador Network.

Matador Network

Matador Network | 6 Challenges of every Mexican in London

Matador Network | 9 ways to deal with street harassment

Matador Network | Mini guide to prepare (almost) real Mexican food in Spain

Matador Network | 11 things “non stereotypical” Mexicans are tired to hear

Matador Network | 12 weird habits of any Mexican abroad

Matador Network | 24 signs you learned to eat in Guadalajara

Matador Network | Small tapatío-chilango dictionary

El Informador Journal

El Informador | Indigenous people protest outside the State Palace

El Informador | Gay community await for a government answer to get married

El Informador | Temacapulin, chronicle of a struggling town that local government wants to flood

El Informador | More than 85 thousand seniors in extreme poverty

El Informador | Jalisco Women Institute goes against bullying

El Informador | Old bus station decline, a danger to passengers


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