Once Upon a DreamPacker

Chapter 1

Hi! I’m Dann and I’m a travel blogger. I guess this won’t be the first time you’ll hear this story, but this wasn’t always the plan.

Sure, I had fantasized about quitting everything, grabbing a backpack and travel the world (who hasn’t?), but I never thought I would actually do it one day. Want to read the whole story? Why don’t you better watch it? After many hours of editing, here is the official The DreamPacker Opening Video!

You kept reading. Awesome! Either you genuinely liked it and think I’m cool or you think I’ve gone completely crazy and are just curious (I’m fine with both, BTW).

As you see, this is a blog about stories. Written, painted or dreamed. And all of it revolves around a girl traveling solo around the world. Let me give you a quick tour: Are you curious about current location? You just have to visit the Stories on the Road menu. There I’ll post my day-to-day experiences abroad and one or two fiction stories inspired by the city I’m living at the moment. Do you share my love for food, bookstores, art or even fashion? Just click on the Discoveries tag. Or if you are one of those who prefer books with pictures, then jump right ahead to my illustrations page, where, occasionally I’ll share some freebies for you to download.

I know it looks a bit empty now, but it won’t stay that way for long. Because at the end of the month I’ll leave my hometown in Guadalajara and depart to my first destination: Mexico City!

I know, I know, Mexican girl, Mexico City… Not very creative, right? But that would only be my first stop. Later on, I’m joining my parents in my adoptive city, San Francisco, and finally, at the end of August I’ll be on my way to Edinburgh.

Photo by Laura Morales.

I will stay in Scotland for a while and then I’ll move to Belgium, to a beautiful little city called Ghent. Afterwards, the UK calls me back again, only this time I’ll go to Northern Ireland. And finally, I’m going to end 2016 in Barcelona, where I’ll spend the Christmas Holidays and New Year’s Eve.

And after that? Who knows? But I guess it is all part of the adventure!

If you want to read more about The DreamPacker or me, you can check my about page, or if you want to see where else I’ve worked as a writer, have a look at my portfolio. In any case, you can always contact me with all yours questions and comments in here.

I’m excited, I’m nervous and most of all I think I’ve gone mad, but the truth is that I’m proud to present you The DreamPacker’s official first post! My solo trip is just around the corner and I guarantee you’ll see more of me soon.

I guess I’ll see you on the road,

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