Foreigners try Mexican Candy

Mexican candy

The truth about Mexican food

I’ve written before that one of the main struggles I have when I’m travelling on the long run is the food. I mean, I love foreign cuisine (there are some tapas restaurants in Barcelona that will stay with me forever), but after more than half a year abroad, food nostalgia becomes part of your day-to-day routine.

Mexican Candy
This is a Mexican seafood tostada. Foodgasm guaranteed.

Some of you may say “hey, girl, you are Mexican, there are Mexican places everywhere in the world”. And, although that is correct, the truth is that Mexican food is COMPLETELY misinterpreted worldwide. Quick tip: if you are eating in a “Mexican” restaurant and the first thing you see on the menu is a burrito-fajita-nachos combo, it is not really Mexican. But I’ll write more about that in the future.

However, when I was searching online for a place where I could get some decent Mexican cheese, I found this amazing little shop in Dublin, Picado Mexican Pantry. True, they don’t have cheese, but they do have real Mexican candy and that’s almost as good. I ordered almost 30.00 worth in junk and I regret nothing.

The experiment: trying some spicy Mexican candy

Sure, I could have gone into a sugar-induced comma and earn a few extra kilos to compensate for the months of deprivation, but I thought I would be even funnier to let my Dutch roommate and my Irish boyfriend try some of the Mexican candy I had as a child.

And it was fucking hilarious.

Mexican candy
My boyfriend, clearly enjoying a chilli covered lollypop

Yeah, it might sound weird to some of you, my lovely readers, but Mexican Candy can be spicy. I mean, we do have traditional sugary sweets, but it wouldn’t have been half as funny if I had them trying those, right?

Mexican candy
She has a point, actually.

So where’s the video?

My guinea pigs were wary at the beginning, but they embraced the challenge like true warriors. Have a look at the full thing and laugh with me:

So there you go. Make sure to comment if you have had real Mexican candy before or which some of your favourite foreign sweets. Also, like and share the love on my social media!

I guess I’ll see you on the road.


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